August 10, 2014

zachary :

here is my husband + best friend.   he is always kind and encouraging, fun and handsome, patient with me and fiercely loyal.  he is extraordinary.  and although he doesn't particularly love having his photo taken, he never turns me down.  i love the way these turned out and am glad i caught his cute personality in a number of them.  can't wait to show these pictures to our kiddos someday.  

right now i'm in utah while he is in texas.  it's the longest we've been apart and it's so tough.  being apart for two weeks in not something i'd ever elect to do again.  distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it also makes the heart grow sadder and lonelier and leaves one unfulfilled.  so... don't do it.  there is no greater feeling than being with the one you love and meeting their needs and making them happy.  

five unrelated things about z :
- he loves to watch and laugh at fail videos before bed.
- he never misses a day of working out.
- he lived in japan for 2 years and reads/writes/speaks the language fluently.  
- he makes the best superfood rice cakes in the world.
- he appeared in an article in the onion as a hunky high school student (the article is so random, but he really was a hunky high school student).

interested in a portrait session?

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