April 9, 2013

i left my cam at home and swapped for a little disposable for easter weekend when my extended family and i went to st. george, then to las vegas with my sister and mom for an early birthday get away. i turned eighteen yesterday.  it felt like my birthday would never come, but it was just a day and it came and went.  it wasn't miraculous or too different from any other day because everyday i am surrounded by compassionate, beautiful people and life is so good anyhow.  but it does feel so nice.

ten things i love:  my darling fam.  how nicely these pictures turned out.  general conference.  the succulents my mom and madalyn gave me for my birthday.  cafe rio.  wheat belly by william davis.  an email from my missionary brother.  david's girlfriend.  provo, utah.  tickets booked for april 30th.