August 17, 2012

he left at nineteen years of age, like most do.  he's been serving for nearly a year.  isn't that crazy?  though the time passes, i've always felt like missionaries don't age.  i imagine every missionary in the field as permanently nineteen years old.  but how weird is it that they actually do get older, and come home as twenty-one year olds?  the weirdest.  the boy who calls himself your missionary is twenty today.  twenty years old!

so here's to you, darling, you in japan--right where you should be.

August 16, 2012

london & paris :

don't you just want to pinch her sides and put her in your pocket?  katie lou surprise invited me on the trip my parents planned for her to these romantic euro cities.  someday i want to live in these places for keeps.  i'm in love with the bustle, the charcoal over-coats, his arm slung around her shoulder and her clanking leather boots, the smell of cigarette smoke, the history that's everywhere, and those rich voices i'll never tire of.  fingers crossed.