May 22, 2014

engagements:  part 1

rylee hitchner flew out to utah to take our engagements in early march, the photo of zac just above these words was taken by me with her gentle guidance--  a photo of my love that i especially treasure.

May 16, 2014

a photo journal: our day in moab/goblin valley
march 2014

i've lived most my life in utah, but never until this day had i been to arches national park!  with zac neck-deep in homework, we made an itinerary for just one day.

we woke up before the sun around 5:30 and drove a few hours south to moab.  we first drove past balancing rock, then hiked to sandstone, landscape, and delicate arches.  the hike to delicate arch was nice and leisurely.  the wind was calmly blowing, the sun wasn't so high in the sky anymore, and there was a lot of time for talking and reconnecting.  with such busy schedules at home, alone-time is rare.  maybe it's got something to do with being in amazing places, but we fell head over heels for each other again on this baby road trip.  we couldn't quit about the beautiful red rock, the brave shapes it would take, and the open sky it stood against.  we love utah.

i'm so glad we took this one day vacation.  not sorry for including so many photos, because looking through this stream of memory feels like sunshine on my heart.