August 14, 2014

on our wedding day : an afternoon reception

most receptions in utah are had the evening and the intimate family time takes form as a luncheon, but my mom had the idea to switch it up and am so glad we did!  it was a lovely day to be outside and it was fun to see so many people that we wouldn't have been able to had we only done a small dinner party like we had originally planned.  also, i loved letting go with this event.  we tried to make it really personal and friendly and homemade and by the looks of these photos i think we did!

my little sister katelyn made the little macaroons and our aunts and uncles helped out with the gorgeous food.  fiore pizza humored my obsession with blackberries and made their own version of a recipe i found on pinterest.  when we tried it at our tasting we went to honey drizzled, blackberry, pistachio, goat cheese heaven.  they are awesome.  if you haven't been to the food truck round up in provo to taste for yourself, you need to check your priorities.

we were told that the reception was gorgeous and everyone had a great time and just had to take their word for it!  the first we saw of our reception was in these photos.  having a reception line'll do that to a bride and groom.  don't even try to escape it because it's impossible.  regardless of the receiving line, i'm really thankful to have met so many new people, enjoyed seeing old friends, and feel of the love and support of truly irreplaceable friends and family.

other details :
+  whenever i'm in line to congratulate the bride & groom i always choke and say something dumb like "good luck on your honeymoon!" my husband and i wrote letters to each other for two years, so we thought making a display of—well, our beginnings—would give people some not awkward small-talk material.
+  the harp that was played is mine.  we rolled it out from the living room!  perk of having the reception at my house, ha
+  there's a japan(where zac served his mission)ese tradition wherein the bride folds 1,000 paper cranes for good luck in her upcoming marriage.  my sisters, brothers, moms and best friends spent countless hours with me folding these paper cranes that hung here at our luncheon.  they're so special and beautiful so we kept them to hang in a nursery someday.

photography : rylee hitchner  |  flowers : honey of a thousand flowers |  catering : fiore pizza 

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