June 28, 2014

the tidwell girls :

my first few rolls on the contax 645 turned out beautifully-- mostly because this family is beautiful.  i love these tidwell girls. 

the delayed gratification of film is wonderful and worth it.  i've tried to create the softness and subtly film naturally creates with digital for so long.  so it feels incredible to be making photos that are just the way i want them without a touch of enhancement.  i have a lot to learn and master, but i feel excited and eager to progress in this new medium!

practically free photos?  i'm your girl : jackygirlphoto@gmail.com

June 21, 2014

june 21, 2014 :

an old favorite of mine i've been re-reading at the pool today.

read extremely loud & incredibly close.  especially if you've just finished the road and feel depressed and sad because of it.  not to say that you didn't enjoy it, because it's totally beautiful and you definitely did.  it just made you sad and that's okay because lucky for you-- this book exists to make you happy.  at least it does for me today, because in this book the world isn't ending and there aren't desperately hungry and disgusting people hunting scared and nice people down to eat them.  no, here there is oskar in new york city on the wonderfully sad but beautiful reconnoissance expedition his father as left for him.  oskar makes me smile because of his faux-swear words and leads me to consider things i've never thought about before.

read extremely loud & incredibly close.  this book has kind of changed my life.  i never talked with strangers or tried to interact with people i haven't formally met before, not that i consistently do that now, but because of this book-- i always try to.  everybody has a story.

June 7, 2014

engagements:  part 2

he makes me so happy.  five weeks of marriage for these two kids!  we are so in love.
photography by rylee hitchner.

June 5, 2014

a blissful weekend in april in st. george :

there're probably a few photos i could've left out, but i can't help but laugh when i scroll through this reel.  these are my very best friends in the world: hayley and hunter (thanks @knowledgableidiot for hosting us).  every photo here is pure best-friendship.

after they threw a very cute tea party/bridal shower in honor of my bachelorette-hood, the three of us jumped into jenny and drove down south to warmer weather-- our final road trip at this stage in our lives--  before marriage, mission, travel and school separate us for a year or so.  we stayed with hunter's cousin, mike, who guided us through these narrows.

hayley and hunter are two of the most beautiful and interesting people i've ever known, and for many other reasons than those i am beyond blessed to have them as my best friends.  they have made me laugh the most, been loyal and supportive through and through--even when i've failed to be, and inspire me every day with their capacities to create, explore, and empathize even though we're separated by miles of space.  can't say just how deep the love goes.