October 23, 2011

whaddah handsome guy.

he tells me the height and weight of every elder in his district.  he's a man of stats and numbers.  
he loves being a missionary and loves australia.
most kids can't claim to have a brother as charming and wonderful as mine.
i know i'm lucky i've got this kid.

October 17, 2011

i've got fashawn in my ears and homework on my mind.
i've got a full memory card at my fingers and the sun beaming through my window, inside my eyes.
i've got a letter on my desk and long-past-due seminary make up to the right of it.
i've got a sweater on the bed and glasses holding place in my book.
i've got photos on the door and good friends in the frame.
i've got the beatles anthology beneath this laptop and a need for sleep.
i've got my brother's too-big future missionary band on my wrist.
i've got dirt on my feet and my hair in a mess.
i've got more pressing things, but whatever, i guess.