July 26, 2014

on our wedding day : the temple

this is a public space where i sometimes share personal information.  may 3rd, the day of my marriage to zachary hayward, was the most beautiful, important, and fantastic day of my life.  it was also very special and sacred.  sacred things are special, but not all special things are sacred though they can be.  this is my internet journal, so i will share many details and happenings of our wedding day here that are fun and personal and special, but the sacred events of our wedding day will not be disclosed.  if you would like to learn more about temples and a temple marriage you can click here.  

we chose to get married at our neighborhood provo temple.  we met in provo and grew up here and provo is where the most family is.  it was the perfect place for us to be married.  we were treated so sweetly and weren’t rushed at all.  it was quiet and peaceful and we had the grounds all to ourselves.

the morning of the wedding was nice and even normal.  i had gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep because i stayed up talking with my mom, but i felt energized, calm, and ready.  i got my hair and make up done, ate some strawberries and a peanut butter rice cake and waited to be picked up by my fiancĂ©.  in a vase on the kitchen counter was the bouquet my little sister had made for me.  she woke up at dawn, carefully picked out each stem and bloom (a few from our garden) and created the sweetest gift a sister could give.  it was a little piece of her that i held in my hand on my wedding day.

we have a wonderful (and large) extended family, and good parents who taught us to always have the temple in our sights.  my life and who i am would be startlingly different than now if it were not for the faithful example of my parents in following jesus christ and the plan he outlined for us to be happiest here.  how thankful i am for the sweetness and intimacy of our temple ceremony and the blessing of being together forever with the ones we love.

getting married was the most precious experience i've ever had.  and will likely remain that way until we have a baby!  (cheesy/lovey dovey alert)  when organizing the photos for this post i was overwhelmed with how much i truly love my husband.  love grows.  i thought i would burst with joy when we walked out of the temple together to greet our loved ones, but every morning i wake up next to him or see him doing the dishes or fishing through the fridge the love grows sweeter than the day before and i really think my heart may explode because of it.  but just for love insurance zac and i made a deal that we’d look through at least a few photos from our wedding day once a month for the rest of our lives— to remind us of the support and love from friends and family, the gloriousness of the temple and living the gospel, and that no matter what crap life throws at us— we are still the kids in the dress and suit who love each other.

photography : rylee hitchner  |  flowers : madalyn louise  |  dress : nancy barrus at avenia bridal  |  suit : dress code

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  1. These pictures are so beautiful. Beautiful couple and I'm sure it was a beautiful ceremony. Lovely blog.