June 19, 2012

the last two weeks :

i never have time at home in the summertime.  i always wish for a relaxed summer, but somehow every summer gets filled with places to go and work to do.  but i won't complain.  i can't believe how generous the world is and people are.  there's just so much, and i feel like i can only gawk at the immensity of the world we live in and wonder if it's even possible to see it all.  for my senior trip i spent time with thirty-eight other graduated kids i hardly knew traveling across the country to visit church history sites and play with each other in big cities.  we're all best friends now.  these pictures are of time spent on the east coast.

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June 4, 2012

a couple days in june :

outdoor concerts give me good feelings.  i love the summer and the sun and good friends.  it's during weekends like this that i hope things never change and that everything stays this nice and fun.