July 8, 2014

engagements:  part 3


we got our wedding photos back a week or so ago, and i thought before i started journalling over those, i'd finish up our engagements and tell how zac and i came to be.

my husband and brother jacob were close friends in high school.  we met in my kitchen when he’d come over to hang out with my brother and their friends.  when he went downstairs my best friend and i whispered about how cute we thought he was.  a few years went by and he was coming over to see me instead of jacob.  our friendship looked like mutual stake activities (namely trek), canyon drives, and walks around rock canyon park.  we never dated because the timing didn’t feel right, but were great friends through the rest of high school and throughout his mission service in japan.  we sent snail mail and packages to each other for 2 years, but were both openly hopeful we’d be more than just friends post-mission.  within the first few minutes i spent with zac after he’d gotten home, i knew that i loved him and wanted to be with him.  months later we were engaged then happily married in the provo temple on may 3rd of this year.  

being married is wonderful.  every day i'm more and more thankful for this handsome companion to have and to hold.

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