June 5, 2014

a blissful weekend in april in st. george :

there're probably a few photos i could've left out, but i can't help but laugh when i scroll through this reel.  these are my very best friends in the world: hayley and hunter (thanks @knowledgableidiot for hosting us).  every photo here is pure best-friendship.

after they threw a very cute tea party/bridal shower in honor of my bachelorette-hood, the three of us jumped into jenny and drove down south to warmer weather-- our final road trip at this stage in our lives--  before marriage, mission, travel and school separate us for a year or so.  we stayed with hunter's cousin, mike, who guided us through these narrows.

hayley and hunter are two of the most beautiful and interesting people i've ever known, and for many other reasons than those i am beyond blessed to have them as my best friends.  they have made me laugh the most, been loyal and supportive through and through--even when i've failed to be, and inspire me every day with their capacities to create, explore, and empathize even though we're separated by miles of space.  can't say just how deep the love goes.

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