May 25, 2013

siem reap, cambodia :

while in cambodia, we spent a few days in phnom penh, siem reap, and battambang.  siem reap was by far the favorite because of the angkor wat.  talk about ancient wonderland.  david and i called each other "indie" because we felt like tomb raiders.  we were making each other laugh for three days straight.  it's so fun to travel with family.  do it.  we woke up every morning for sunrise because it's the coolest time of day and the light is prettiest. the angkor wat is outstanding.  it's kind of hard to believe that people who lived so long ago with no technology built such an elaborate, geometric complex.  but a thousand years ago real human beings walked through those temples when they were new and the walls glimmered with jewels and diamonds and they said to themselves, "we built this."  what!  on our last night in siem reap it started to rain and david and i found ourselves somehow alone in the innermost tier of the angkor wat.  everyone left with the rain and we had the entire place to ourselves.  i wish i could describe what it felt like to stand there alone in some place so ancient and spectacular, but i can't quite.  i felt stronger than i've ever felt and incredibly small at the same time.  i don't know how that works, but it's one of my favorite memories.  cambodia was a hit, i wish i could've stayed longer.  i'll be back.

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