May 12, 2013

ha long bay, vietnam :

ha long bay is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.  let that stand so my pictures don't let you down.  i was gushing and gawking at all times.  we drove into the marina, settled on the boat, and went out to the floating village to kayak around the area.  it was so so peaceful. sometimes we wouldn't row and just rested on the water and looked around at the beautiful place we were at and breathed it in.  sitting there made my heart swell with gratitude and a lot of other feelings i can't quite pin.  after we kayaked we went to the beach and hiked to the prettiest lookout on the planet.  the ocean was so still and lovely.  it was surreal to look out at the pale green water and the limestone/jungle islands and accept that i was actually in vietnam standing on a mountain in that beautiful bay.  it was one of those sites that made me admit i never knew god loves us so much.  we came back down from our cloud and swam in the ocean and were outright giddy that we were.
the next morning i looked out my window and said "whhhaaatttt" because it's just unreal to wake up to the sea so near and quiet, like it existed just for you.  that day we went to surprising cave (what a joke) and talked with the new and interesting friends we made from different parts of the world.  i've learned that you can learn something from everyone.  we all come from different walks of life, but that's the point and the root of the beauty.  there's so much people are willing to give the moment you open up to hear them.  i'm overwhelmed that i'm where i am, traveling south east asia and learning from the people here and being let into their world.

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