May 16, 2014

may 16, 2014 :

sometimes i find blogging embarrassing.  it feels weird to write into space about something i did or that's happened.  but regardless of feeling small in my life at times, it's mine and is good and real and even noteworthy.  i don't keep a journal.  should, but don't.  however i do love taking photos.  so for my personal history's sake, i'm going to update this blog as best as i can to document the changes that have come and the turns life will take.  also, i believe it's healthy to write even a little here and there.

life is delicious and exciting and ever-changing but always happy.  right now i'm living in austin, texas with my husband (zachary hayward) as of almost 2 weeks.  chronologically, most all of this posting will be inaccurate because i left my external hard-drive at home in utah.  it'll drive me crazy but whatever.

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