June 1, 2012

i have the hardest time sleeping on my back.  i stand arched so when i lay down i feel so much pressure on my lower back;  i can't do it, i complained.  but it's the best way to sleep for your body, i hear.  your stomach being the worst.
i lied on the ground next to him on his back, and me on mine.  he carefully slid his forearm into the cavity that my back and the carpet made.
see, i've slept on my stomach for about a year, but i've decided to change that, matter-of-factly stated.  i'm going to sleep on my side now.
oh, you've decided?
yes.  well, you know...  ah...  actually, never mind.
tell me.
well, ah...  i don't know, i guess it's not that embarrassing, the pre-curser.  but when you get married, i've always imagined holding each other in bed.  you know?  i can't imagine sleeping on my stomach while my wife would sleep however she will.
absolutely, i grinned.

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